Re-elect Myrtle Cole for City Council


​Public Safety

  • Established the Encanto Rapid Response Squad for fire and medical emergencies that has reduced emergency response times dramatically in the District.
  • Established an interim fire station at Skyline and Sychar and working to secure funding for a new permanent fire station.
  • Re-established the Citizens Advisory Board on Police and Community Relations.
  • Supported community clean-ups throughout the district including homeless encampments near local businesses and schools.
  • Established Neighborhood Revitalization Days: Cleaning up our neighborhoods every day.
  • Convened Community Town Hall Discussion on improving police and community relations.
  • Co-authored Measure G which passed overwhelmingly to place the Community Review Board on Police Practices under the control of both the Mayor and the City Council, and requires the board to review all cases involving in-custody death and officer-related shootings.
  • Convened the Special Council Meeting on Homelessness and created the Select Committee on Homelessness to discuss and revisit city policies regarding homelessness, funding mechanisms to address homelessness, and more.

Economic Development

  • Authored legislation/a compromise to revise the long-contentious affordable housing fee known as the Workforce Housing Offset, or Linkage Fee, to provide greater certainty, create a supply of quality affordable housing, and encourage business and development.
  • Hosted the successful Economic Development Bus Tour to attract developers to invest in our district.
  • Opened Walgreens Drugstore on Euclid Avenue, the first drugstore in the district south of the 94.
  • Contributed funding and advocated for the Connect2Career program to provide jobs to youth in the District.
  • Sponsored Workshop on "how to do business with the San Diego Workforce Partnership."
  • Co-hosted the 1st annual Home Owner and Home Buyer's Fair at the Jacobs Center.
  • Funded the 1st annual Play Day at the Lake at Chollas Lake Park in partnership with the Park and Recreation Department.
  • Allocated over $400,000 in community projects, programs and services funding and arts and culture funding to 4th District organizations.
  • Convened a Special Council Meeting on Affordable Housing and Housing Affordability to take action on proposals to address the high cost of renting or buying a home in San Diego.

Infrastructure and Capital Projects

  • Grand opening of newly constructed $13.2 million Skyline Hills Branch Library.
  • Grand opening of newly constructed $1.5 million Legler Benbough Teen IDEA lab at Valencia Park/Malcolm X Library.
  • Completed $2 million sidewalk and street beautification project on Holly Drive.
  • Acquired $28 million for construction of the new Jackie Robinson YMCA.
  • Opened Charles Lewis III Memorial Park.
  • Completed phase one of major street improvements on Stream Drive.
  • Opened Independence Point, a new quality affordable housing development in the District.
  • Utilities undergrounding projects started and/or completed in several communities including Lincoln Park, Bay Terraces, Paradise Hills, Broadway Heights, Webster and Encanto.
  • Initiated and successfully completed Lakiba Palmer Avenue street name change (A heroine who was one of the first female sailors to die in action aboard a U.S. ship).
  • Paved miles of streets and filled over 4,631 potholes in Council District 4, with more to come!
  • Completed construction of 3,700 linear feet of new sidewalks, driveways, curb ramps, and street lights on Market Street.
  • Broke ground for Villa Encantada Apartments, an affordable transit-oriented development conveniently located near the Encanto/62nd Street MTS trolley station.
  • Acquired $4.36 million for a public pocket park on Guymon Street.
  • Acquired $27 million for a project to replace 5 miles of 50-year-old sewage and water pipelines in Encanto.
  • Opened Ouichi Courtyard Apartments, a new mixed-used development of affordable housing and commercial space.
  • Established the policy for honorary street name designation and set the first designation for Kathleen Harmon.
  • Acquired $150,200 for new improvements to the Encanto Recreation Center.
  • Dedicated Southeastern Division substation after Officer Archie Buggs--the first station in San Diego Police Department History to be named after an officer.